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radiators are Built to last, but things happen. 

 When you reach us about the radiator you need the

1st question we will ask is Steam or Hot Water? Steam typically has one feed pipe while hot water always has two.

2nd: Are you replacing a broken down, leaking unit or is this a new installation?

If it is a straight up replacement you need, please take a photo of the offending heater and send it to us in an email. We will check through our stock for the best possible solution that will fit back in. If it is a new installation send us some of the parameters like BTUs, size, desired style et cetera.  

If your home's radiators suffered a freeze up and cracked, we are sympathetic that they cannot be mended or fixed. It's the nature of cast iron not to weld like steel. Another solution that is often tried is a cold bond epoxy like JB Weld holds, but rest assured it won't hold forever. When the radiator expands and contracts during its heat up and cool down, the epoxy loosens and eventually fails. This failure might take a week or a month. But bad luck would have that it gives way on a Friday night just after you left your home to go on a three day ski weekend.  

Insurance claimants and adjusters are urged to reach us to determine accurate replacement value of radiators that have succumb to the force of ice, about 45,000 psi. Ice can move mountains, so its no wonder that a 350# radiator would crack under that pressure.

Cast iron radiators come in all shapes and sizes and our aim is to fit your home back up with an exact replacement of what you had. For this reason photographs will tell the best story.

Please email them to

Our radiators Are fully restored originals. pressure tested, sandblasted and painted to suit. All are sold with a two year warranty and a commitment to you.