where cast iron radiators are reborn
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Radical Radiator Restorations really did start in a two car garage. No joke. (Also no glitz.) It was 2004 and the garage maxed out at about 50 odd radiators. So out to the driveway with the growing collection. On the first really hot day, the tar began to sink under the weight.

Our first real shop was a humble but affordable space where the television show ASK THIS OLD HOUSE visited and filmed for the show. .

After another growth spurt and a few hundred more radiators to stock, Radical set up shop in an old WWII munitions factory. Despite the raccoons trying to push us out for eight years, it was only the purchase of the land and building by a luxury casino development that finally forced us to figure about where we could house our business "permanently". We only wanted to move once.

Right outside Boston, a beautiful 10,000 sq foot building in the great, industrious and on the rise city of Malden Massachusetts proved to be just the place for us to put down permanent roots.

We are still settling in, but like the best of new adventures, tomorrow looks brighter than today and with our best effort, hopefully a little warmer for you.